.Welcome to mother duckers PXL

Mother Duckers PXL is a very cool, pixelized art project ready to rule the Cardano blockchain.

It’s a collection of 2503 cheap-to-mint ducks.. fasten your seat belts and join us on this amazing DUCKVENTURE!


.SOLD OUT! Thank you.

MDPLX Progress Bar

Keep Quacking with us on Twitter! Every Quack boosts our progress bar.

Mother Duckers SOLD OUT! 100%

*Some traits are still under consideration. We want to make this the best ducked pxl art ever!


Mother Duckers PXL will contain:

– 3  1/1 Legendary MDPLX*
– 5 different backgrounds*
– 6 body types*
– 5 beak types*
– 6 leg types*
– 11 eye types*
– 17 hats*
– Extra accessories will be a surprise!


There will be a total of 2503 Mother Duckers quacking on the Cardano blockchain!

Thursday, 28th of July 2022 – 6PM UTC

Mother Duckers PXL CNFTs minting price will be 10 ADA!

Why 10 ADA?
Because it’s a DUCK NUMBER!

WTH is a duck number?
A number is called a duck number if the number contains at least one zero, but the number should not start with 0.

This is our secret behind 2503 ducks and 10 ADA mint price! *QUACK*

Yes, 10%. This way we can continue to invest into the project.

Nope.. but make sure to get ya ducks in a row!